What is Partolium?

Partolium is a platform that enables companies that need to supply wholesale spare parts for the automotive industry to find the product they are looking for online. It also provides the opportunity to access detailed information about the products that are found as a result of searches made with the product name or OEM number on the website. The user, who finds the product he/she is looking for, can directly contact the manufacturer or wholesaler company of this product. The user can start a conversation with the customer representative directly via Whatsapp or e-mail by clicking on the contact buttons.

Who are we?

Partolium is a digital platform that meets users all over the world as of 2019, the first demo version of which was released in 2017. It was established with the aim of offering all the know-how and experience of İSM Tanıtım, which has been serving the Automotive Sub-Industry sector for 20 years with its professional staff, to the benefit of the sector.

The experience of İSM Tanıtım in publishing and other organizations related to international automotive supplier industry exhibitions and its superior skills in software and informatics opened the door to the 24/7 fair organizations' inspiration to be transformed into user-friendly software. Today, Partolium receives visitors from more than 150 countries all over the world in a year.